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Kassia Meador Hangs with MYPLASH at Oceanside Art Scene
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Kassia Meador surfboard shaper for MYPLASH - Kassia Meador, Roxy Pro Surfer аחԁ artist, takes MYPLASH οח аח exclusive visit tο surfboard shaper аחԁ owner οf THESURFERSPROSHOP.COM Donald Takayama іח tһе MYPLASH video Kassias Surfboard Shaper. AƖƖ MYPLASH Media саח bе viewed аt ...

Most Stylish Female Sports Stars - American surfer Kassia Meador isn't the type of sporting star you'd expect to see on this sort of list. She isn't one for displaying her fashion sense through long dresses and business suits, opting for a more trendy, casual and preppy ...

Kassia Meador Featured In Rolling Stone | Nouvelle Vague - To call Kassia Meador a jack-of-all-trades is an understatement. A model, clothing designer and “all-around bon vivant,” this emerging talent can also “dance like Ginger Rogers on a surfboard.” Rolling Stone can't wait for “surfing's ...

Kassia Meador and Keep A Breast - Keep A Breast casts molds of women's busts and partners with incredible artists to make them into beautiful pieces of art. Not only is this a great visual way to raise awareness about breast cancer, but KAB auctions the pieces off at ...

Kassia Meador's Work On Display Throughout The Big Apple - Pro surfer, photographer and artist Kassia Meador continues to push her art and photo career and its bounty is gaining recognition allover New York Ci.

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